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One of the most popular form of games in the casino are the game machines. This type of gambling is almost perfect for the online game. Because no other game offers with so little time expenditure approximately similar much tension and Sieschancen. In addition, in online casinos, the payout rate is once again much higher than in the classic casinos. Particularly popular are the online slots with Progressive Jackpots, with which one can win with a little luck even millions.

With us you will find tips and tricks on online game machines. Almost everyone knows titles like Book of Ra or the classic Triple Chance. These online slots offer tremendous excitement as well as the chance to win huge money sums and that in very small to moderate stakes.

Online gambling machines

These online gaming machines offer much more comfort and variety than the original machines. So there are great bonus games, a variety of roles and winning lines and great progressive jackpots. All the worlds are open to the players: film fans can play game machines to their favorite films, historical and mystical scenarios are implemented and sports or comic fans will find a variety of online slots to their hobby. If you prefer classic, you can still play with the hot fruits of classic machines. The Internet offers great possibilities: so you can practice without money in the game money mode and who has little time can still play a game between.

Many casinos also offer a large selection of online slots for the mobile phone or tablet, so that you have the mobile casino also on the road the chance for beautiful profits.

How to play online game machines?

In the case of online gambling machines, one originally won only by meeting the right winning combinations, from the three roles. To achieve this, you had to achieve these combinations on a profit line. Here there was a strong development and today there are not only machines with 3.5.7 or even 15 rolls, but also many profit lines on a machine. In addition there are additional games where you can increase the profit enormously with calculated risk.

On this page, we will give you always important tips and strategies, with which you can use these many new features to increase the online profit online! If you are new to the online casino, the learning of the individual slots or their characteristics by the use of the slot machines is free of charge. If you have enough training behind you, slot machine tournaments bring new momentum and competition ideas into your online casino session.

What is a progressive jackpot?

In most online gambling machines the prize is determined by the winning odds of the individual combinations and you play by a fixed multiple of your bet. This is somewhat different with the jackpot machines, or progressive online slots. Each player has a small amount that moves into a jackpot. This jackpot can now be won, either in a bonus game, or even by chance. Since the casinos have millions of customers worldwide who love progressive jackpots, these winnings are sometimes very high. For instance, you can even win millions of dollars on slot machines, such as Beach Life, Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods, Gladiator and many others, even with small bets.

Progressive jackpots are the much more fair way to the million than the state lottery. Because while the state invests in 50 per cent of the bets, this proportion is often only one per cent or even less in online casinos!

Where can I find the payout rate?

How much the casino re-paid out, you can read by most of the sellers. Because on the sides you usually find the payout rate for individual games, or even game groups. In online game machines or rather “one-armed bandits” the quota should in any case be over 95 per cent - all under it is not particularly good. The percentage indicates how much of your money is returned to the players: If you use 100 euros and the machine has a payout ratio of 97.2%, you may (mathematically) expect to get 97.2 euros Profit on average. If you are lucky, these gains can of course be significantly higher!

Probably the most important difference is that the payout rate online is usually a lot higher than in the casino. Because the online costs for the operator are far less fixed costs and this advantage is passed on to the players, because the competition among the providers is great. In addition, you will find online machines that are much more elaborate than the classic “one-armed bandits”, especially in the field of 3-D slots. 3-D video slots remind more of modern computer games than to your predecessors from the game rooms. This makes the entertainment at the machine even better today - it is not just the nerve kitzel lures, but also the great stories, which are told at the vending machine.

A third, massive, difference are the many bonus offers you get as an online player in the online casino. The strong competition among online casinos has a very positive effect on us players. You can also receive offers for bonuses, deposit bonuses and participate in winnings. As an online gambling machine, you can also take advantage of these offers, as there are no restrictions in the bonus rules.

From one-armed bandits to online slots

The story of the game machines began in California. In the late eighteenth century gold rush, many went to the West to find happiness and wealth in gold mining. In the saloons in San Francisco, these gold-seeking gamblers often played poker, and provided a first gamble boom. Therefore, resourceful business people came up with the idea of ​​developing poker machines. These were however technically difficult to implement and so the first machines with less different values ​​than a poker sheet. The mechanism of the machines was operated by a lever on the side, which set the three rollers in motion: the one-armed bandit was born.

These vending machines were rapidly becoming very popular as they were able to make a good profit with a few cents. In Las Vegas the automata were finally turned into a mass product. The technical development finally led to more elaborate machines and games, then to video machines. With the advent of the Internet established the first online slots. The triumph of online slots had begun! Europe, too, could not escape the charm of the game machine for a long time. Mercury machines or Novoline game machines are among the best-known brands in the German-speaking world.