The Difference a Year Makes

Just over a year ago, the Open CFML Foundation was launched with a focus on the fact that Open Source CFML is a vital part of the CFML ecosystem and as such, it deserves an advocate beyond the developers and organizations that rely on CFML and the solutions built on it. We wanted to share with the greater web community a side of CFML most aren't familiar with, and trumpet all the benefits open source CFML has to offer.

We got off to what we felt was a great start — we created a small board (to make decision-making as easy as possible), we enlisted projects we felt help told the OS CFML story well, we engaged Joel Kinney of Fort Point Legal (jQuery Foundation) to help with the legal formation of the foundation, we incorporated and set up bank accounts, we created a website and newsletter, we made our first foray outside of the CFML community (CMS Expo), and we sponsored and hosted our first events (Open Gov Day in Washington D.C., MuraCon).

Unfortunately, shortly after launch, all but a few of the original participants left to pursue other interests. And as result, the remaining members were forced, in many ways, to start over. So we did just that.

At Open Gov Day and MuraCon 2012, we met with people who didn't just love OS CFML, we met with people who have a vested interest in the success and longevity of OS CFML. We shared with them our passion and determination to see it thrive, and convinced them to be a part of a reformed Open CFML Foundation. Fortunately, they all accepted : ).

So, it is with great pleasure that we'd like to announce the new Open CFML Foundation board and our plans for the next year.

Open CFML Foundation Board

The new Open CFML Foundation Board now consists of 6 member organizations, each with a primary and alternate representative (if desired):

  • Blue River Interactive Group (Sean Schroeder & Matt Levine: Mura CMS)
  • Ortus Solutions (Luis Majano: Coldbox, ContentBox, Curt Gratz: Computer Know How)
  • The Railo Company (Gert Franz: Railo)
  • Razuna (Nitai Aventaggiato: Razuna)
  • Ten24 Web Solutions (Greg Moser, David Crouch: Slatwall)
  • Vivio Technologies (Jordan Michaels, Mark Keymer:


One of the things we're most excited about with the new board is a renewed focus, energy and passion to effectively tell the OS CFML story. To do this, we're going to focus on 3 main areas:

Marketing & PR

The one thing that has been lacking in OS CFML (and CFML in general) is successful story-telling. As a community, we're great about sharing all the cool things going on amongst ourselves, but when it comes to the outside world, let's face it; we're not the best. We aim to improve this by publishing an OS CFML Success Story once a month. Each Success Story will illustrate how organizations are using OS CFML solutions to great effect and why they chose it.

As we promote the use and advantages of Open Source CFML, we believe we can help grow adoption and shift the perception of CFML in general, which we're excited about. 

Have a good story to contribute? We'd love to share it! Tell us how your organization is using OS CFML and we'll publish it for the world to see. And yes, it's okay if it runs on Adobe ColdFusion. 


As much as fund-raising enables us, we'll be sponsoring conferences, trainings, and anything else we can to help spread the word and knowledge about OS CFML and OS CFML-built solutions.

The more people that have access to clear information about using CFML, the greater the ecosystem will be for all of us in it.

Long term, we'd love to bring CFML to younger developers or just those who haven't taken the opportunity to see all the great things CFML has to offer, and see CFML listed on sites like Code Academy. But efforts like these will necessarily go beyond the foundation board and we graciously welcome the help of anyone with a passion for CFML.


One the things we're most excited about is our forthcoming membership program and corporate sponsorship—a great way to support OS CFML.

Here are the things you'll get when becoming a member or corporate sponsor:

Members (Price TBA)

  • Free Open CFML Foundation T-Shirt
  • Aggregate Vote in New Project Selection
  • Member Badge for Website
  • Industry Discounts
    • Free Railo T-Shirt or USB Drive
    • 10% off, or one month free of Railo Cloud Services
    • 20% off Railo Books
    • 20% off all ColdBox Books
    • 20% off all Ortus Commercial Products
    • 20% off all Online Ortus Training
    • 15% off all Coldbox Training Events
    • 20% off all Mura CMS Books
    • 20% off Mura CMS Training
    • 20% off MuraCon Registration
    • 10% off MuraCloud
    • $100 credit for any new VPS or Dedicated Server at
    • $30 credit for any new Shared Account at
    • 90 Days Free of a hosted Razuna Basic plan

Corporate Sponsorship (Price TBA)

  • Name and Logo on the OpenCFML Foundation Website
  • 1 annual case study that will be distributed to Membership List, and posted on site
  • Ability to Offer / Advertise discounts on Services & Product to OpenCFML Members
  • Corporate Sponsorship Badge for Company Site
  • Promoted via Newsletter & Social Media

We'll post something as soon as we have things ready to go on this front. Stay tuned!

Want to Learn More?

The Open CFML Foundation will be holding an open forum with the OCF board on 2 separate occasions. We encourage anyone with questions, comments, suggestions or an appreciation for good beer to join us on both occasions.

  • Thursday, May 16th, 6-8PM Radisson Blu hotel bar (in a private room) after day 1 of cf.objective().
  • Thursday, June 6th, 6-7:30PM Hilton Edinburgh Grosvenor bar after day 1 of Scotch on the Rocks, just prior to SotR reception.


We're all very excited about the new Open CFML Foundation and we look forward to doing our best to promote Open Source CFML. If you have any thoughts or ideas to help us tell the OS CFML story, we'd love to hear them.