Open CFML Foundation Launches

The mission of the Open CFML Foundation is to increase the awareness and adoption of open source CFML solutions via advocacy and education, to provide support to select open source CFML projects, and to promote the growth and development of the CFML language and related technologies.

The Open CFML Foundation was created by a like-minded group of long-time CFML users with one goal in mind: to promote CFML, and to help increase the number of developers and projects using CFML.

Those of us who use CFML know it's an amazing web development platform but it's still too much of a "best kept secret" among its users - we're here to change that, in a very big way.

We believe that open source is essential to the future health and longevity of CFML, so the Open CFML Foundation will advocate for and support open source CFML engines, frameworks, and solutions, both within (and more importantly, well outside) the current CFML community. Our goal is for CFML to regain its former position as a top choice for any web development team or solo developer by highlighting the incredble productivity and top quality solutions available in the CFML ecosystem. 

CFML is vibrant, open, and is still, after all its years of existence, the quickest and easiest way to build enterprise-class web applications.

CFML is far too great to continue to keep the secret to ourselves. It's time to shout it from the rooftops. Join us in our efforts to get the word out, and to spread the use and awareness of CFML.